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 Petra Essay

~ The issues Petra has confronted and will be facing

The website suffers from a host of threats, like the collapse of ancient constructions, erosion as a result of flooding and improper rainwater drainage, enduring from salt water growing, improper refurbishment of old structures, and unsustainable travel and leisure. On May 19, AD 363 A. G, an extremely damaging disaster strike the rose red associated with Petra by means of a series of strong earthquakes. The location already has a history of tectonic spasms since it sits near to the boundary from the Arabian plate but this earthquake was significantly more harming than those that had struck before. May be that this tremble in particular, destroyed more than half of Petra. It can be believed that the Earthquake more devastating the one that destroyed the city in 363 ADVERTISEMENT struck back in 551 ADVERTISING. By all accounts, that ruined the rock lower city and additional damaged the partially repaired water administration systems. The pretty ruins of Petra, which were listed as being a UNESCO Globe Heritage Site in 85, have for some years been faced with critical threats like salt blown in through the Dead Marine is encrusting the fairly delicate sandstone and little by little but regularly wearing aside at the structures. If Petra was to earn one of the 5 Special Scholarships; this exceptional Rose reddish City may be restored.

~ Work Petra needs!

Why we want the Grant!

Regulations and policies developed under the Petra Archaeological Park Operating Program will cover facilities projects taken on by the PRA including electrification of the Petra Archaeological Playground and works associated with water recycling farming projects which include tree-planting. They will cover visitor facilities such as park lighting, tourist routes and signs, restaurants and shops, community recreation areas and businesses, as well as bars and activities within the web page. There is a long term need for a framework to get sustainable expansion and managing practices geared towards protecting...


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