qcf level 2 Dissertation


Unit 1

1 . 1

Preparing and organizational tasks/duties

Participate in handovers/meetings to discuss patients progress and attention Monitor and keep stock amounts on ward/department

Undertake errand duties which include:

Transporting individuals

Collecting instruments/drugs

Collecting circumstance notes while required

Assisting in the prep of affected person case remarks as needed

Patient/service user related tasks/duties

Provide care/assistance to individuals according to needs/problems as identified in individual patient care Statement condition, progress and concerns encountered to nurse in control Assist with serving of dishes and nourishing patients the moment required Escorting patients from other departments and hospitals when required Complete as well as documentation and patient data as aimed in accordance with organizational policy Conform to the data safeguard act 98 and the data governance – the content holder is definitely not entitled to use for own profit or gain, or to reveal to any folks, firm or perhaps other firm whatsoever, virtually any confidential information belonging to the trust or relating to the trust's affairs or dealings which might come to their knowledge during employment. Be involved in annual evaluation of efficiency

Undertake, if perhaps not currently obtained, QCF level 2 in medical Comply with the health and protection at work action 1974 – the content holder is required to fulfill a proactive function towards the managing of risk in all with their actions. This entails raise the risk assessment of most situations, the taking of appropriate actions and reporting of all happenings, near misses and problems, and a statutory work of look after their own personal safety and that of others who also may be impacted by their works or omissions. Compliance with trust guidelines and techniques including the code of execute. Responsibility for all records ( including affected person health, monetary, personal and administrative) that they can gather or use as part of their function within the...

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