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While I am just on my way going to school, I could see students who also walk fast as they may, doing their finest not to emerged late for their class, hurrying down to the empty lounge to find their particular next course. It's a great example of scholar using his time in an effective way. Finding those pupils who happen to be dedicated built more motivated in studying and not wasting time performing unnecessary points. They're fallowing the standard that Bicol University had. Coming into Bicol University College of Education can be not an easy decision, why? Because BUCE has a substantial standard of education in fact it is known as the " Center of Excellence”. And being a part of it was a tough challenge personally. Let's concentrate in the term " Center of Excellence”. Three little words but it really has an excessive amount of meaning. Natalia et approach, 2006 once said that " Teaching profession has a unique standing among the list of professional domains. Education scholar do not begin to study their field with a blank mind but by a prior impression about what teaching means. Contrary to other fields where college student have not touch those exercising, education pupils has personal experiences based on a teachers. Prior to deciding to become teacher, the students usually have possibility to learn about instructing as profession. They understand much of what a teacher really does and have witnessed several professors doing educating practically. ” So , the thing that was this suggest BUCE becoming the " Center of Excellence”? I do believe that BUCE being the Center of Quality must facilitate the collection of standards and practices through an organization. They must produce globally competitive teachers. I have a teacher who says that individuals must compete for our future and also to be worldwide competitive college students. But in my own, personal perception we don't need to contend for our future, and if we continue competing with others there will be no serenity at all. The web not the University nevertheless the students. Bicol University may provide top quality of teachers. This University or college does not only aim to...