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 Comparative advantages and disadvantages of cone crusher and jaw crusher Essay

Cone Crusher is widely used range, high efficiency crusher, cone crusher according to the scope of use, crushed into coarse, moderate and good crushing 3 pieces on the current condition of China crushed ore concentrator herb of look at, broken products powered by standard type cone crusher, crushing gear uses a short head type cone crusher, has practically finalized. However , instead of applying crushing gear cone crusher, jaw crusher is to use. For proper collection and logical use of rough crushing did not prepare, today they are in short , analyzed and compared as follows. Cone Crusher (compared while using jaw crusher) main positive aspects: 1, mashing chamber depth, continuous procedure, high development capacity, low power intake unit. In comparison with the same thickness to the my very own mouth chin crusher, the availability capacity is higher than the latter more than doubled, while electrical power consumption per ton of ore is definitely 0. 5-1. 2 times lower than the jaw; 2, job is relatively steady, vibration lighter, smaller basis weight from the machine tools. Cone crusher weight basis, usually 2 - 3 times the weight of machinery and equipment, and basic excess weight jaw crusher machine was 5-10 instances its own excess weight; quarry equipment

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