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The Scientist who Enjoyed Optics

(June 17, 2013)


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Robert William Forest was born in May 2, 1868 in Rapport, Massachusetts. He was an American physicist and creator. Because he became fascinated with the natural world, he decided to study optics instead of like a priest. 1 night, this individual saw a exceptional glowing alboreo and he believed the result was brought on by visible sun rays; this motivated him to analyze and earn numerous certifications from Harvard,  MIT and the University of Chicago. That's exactly what became a full-time mentor of optical physics by Johns Hopkins University This individual wrote many articles on spectroscopy,  phosphorescence and diffraction. He is best known to get his work in ultra-violet lumination. Wood have been described as the " daddy of both infrared and ultraviolet photography" because of the breakthrough discovery of electromagnetic radiation beyond the visible variety and the advancement of photographic emulsions. He was the first to intentionally produce photographs with both infrared and ultraviolet radiation. This individual also gave the slightly unique glowing appearance of foliage in infrared photographs as " Wood effect”. He identified a very low ultraviolet (uv) reflectivity around the moon which usually he advised was due to high sulphur. This area is known as " Wood's Spot”. In 1909, this individual constructed the first practical liquid mirror astronomical telescope, by spinning mercury to form a paraboloidal shape, and investigated the benefits and limitations.  In 1903, he developed a filter that was opaque to obvious light although transparent to both ultraviolet and infrared. This filtering is called " Wood's glass”. It is found in...

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Enjoyed Optics

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He died inВ August 11, 1955 in Amityville, New York plus the cause of his death is unspecified.