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 Roles and Responsibilities of the Tutor Research Paper

The purpose of this kind of assignment is always to look at the part and responsibilities of the tutor in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Using the Teaching Cycle since the construction, the assignment will look at each aspect in fine detail incorporating distinct learning styles, relevant guidelines, the support systems in place and how they can assist and restrict the training environment.

" …I cannot teach any person anything, I could only cause them to become think…"

(Socrates, c469 – 399 BC)

The Teaching cycle is definitely closely linked to Kolb's Learning Cycle in the perspective in the learner plus the facilitator/tutor within a continuous formatting.

All levels of the circuit are important in order to be effective however for the purpose of the assignment, the starting point is the aims and rational. This kind of stage is usually where the 'foundations' are set and as such needs to be 'strong' enough to keep anything together. The rational may be the purpose of the learning that is to happen, the target group and what they need to learn? The rational will help in writing the aims and objectives, essentially what you happen to be hoping to achieve in the treatment and how you will definitely achieve them setting a benchmark against which you can examine to ensure the needed learning happened.

A basic assessment via an interview or maybe a written task will help to determine if the program is suitable for the and if any additional support may be required, such as literacy, numeracy, language, or in some cases additional learning difficulties. All the delegates collated information that is personal must be retained secured correctly under the Data Protection Action. Under the Equality Act 2006 legislation every single effort must be made to associated with course available to people of all skills and experience from the method it is advertised, access to the venue plus the additional support identified and provided. The principles of the Equal rights and Individual Right's Commission payment must underpin all facets of the educating cycle:...

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