Sales Forecast and Forecasts Memo Dissertation


TO: Mayra Reid, Vice President of Creation, Blue Incorporation.

FROM: Marketplace Analyst.

DATE: The spring 23, 2011

SUBJECT: Final Sales Forecasts and Forecasts.

In response to Blues Incorporation. efforts to keep a profitable business as well as continues progress, the market expert has examined the market and Blues Incorporation. 's monetary information and made some decisions that will efficiently impact the forecasted revenue of Blue Inc. The choice made by the analyst within the first week was to increase the marketing budget to $169 million. This increase in the advertising budget enables Blues Incorporation. to have a more robust marketing strategy and to advertise Blues Inc. across the country. According to the reports the correlation pourcentage of revenue and marketing budget is. ninety six. This correlation means that a powerful advertising budget may have a strong positive impact in our product sales forecast. Your decision made for the second week is based on the analysis of fluctuations available in the market size and the forecast pertaining to sales. Since the analyst would not have enough experience with this type of examination, the simple going average style was used. However , according to the responses from the different stakeholders the 2-perio weighted moving common with weight of zero. 9 must have been intended for this observation. Therefore , the prediction will not be as exact as the one given in the first week. Nannanankanskjndkajsfkjashkfhajshfkjashfkjhaksfhajshfkjashfk

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