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1 . Grow older 15 & below16-17 18 & previously mentioned

2 . GenderMale Female

three or more. Total number of years at SACLI1 yr. & below two – a few yrs. four yrs. & above

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1 . Does the broken chair have an effect on your attention during school hours?

2 . Location of educational learning areas is close to related educational activities and away from disruptive noises.

3. Classroom space permits arrangements for select few activity.

some. Classrooms have logical and well-designed.

your five. Does the class has a variety of learning varieties of students?


1 . The Library list is easy to use.

2 . Does the Library locate a place to operate a group when you really need to?

a few. Do you locate a quiet place in the selection when you need to?

4. Catalogue staffs can easily be bought to assist me.

5. The library's collection meets my research needs�


1 . The pc in pc laboratory can be functional and design according to their use.

2 . Computer systems that are networked for equally intranet and internet usage.

3. Computer lab is mostly free for those with gain access to

4. The computer labs in schools often times have classroom software installed to monitor or prevent web browsing also to remotely control student computers.

5. Computer system laboratory offers computer technician to repair a few troubleshooting problems.