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Below will be the steps to fulfill the requirements classified by question 1 ) Part one particular Setting up the physical topology

Open Carbonilla Packet Dire 6. 0 (after efficiently installed on PC) On the left lower part, click " End devices” and choose " Generic PC-PT”, stick it on the logical Packet Tracer interface (do it twice, for PC-A and PC-B) On the left underlying part, click " Switches” and choose " Generic-PT”, stick it on the logical Packet Dire interface (do it 2 times, for S1 and S2) On the left bottom, click " Connections” and choose " Console”, connect PC-A with S1 and PC-B with S2, the PC interface will be the RS232 and the move port will be the Console slot. On the left underlying part, click " Connections” and choose " Copper Cross-Over”, connect S1 with S2, the S1 port and S2 interface can the two be FastEthernet0/1. When the Copper Cross-Over cable turns green, and the console cable turns black, it implies they are properly connected. The screenshot can be shown since Fig-1:


Part two Configure the PC owners

Click on PC0, and click Config tab, in the Global settings, replace the name to PC-A (see Fig-2):


Click Desktop tab, after that click IP Configuration, and after that change the Internet protocol address and Subnet Mask based on the Addressing table given (see Fig-3).


Repeat the above steps intended for PC-B (IP Address and Subnet Hide according to the offered addressing table)

Part three or more configure the initial settings upon two switches using Cisco IOS Click on the PC-A and access the Desktop tabs. Click on the Port icon. A tiny window will appear, click OK to accept the default options and the switch CLI will appear. Just hit ENTER in the keyboard and you will probably get to an individual mode (Switch> ) (see Fig-4):


Now, our company is in Switch1 IOS Order Line Software.

1 . Brand the Fuses.

Enter happy EXEC mode by entering enable order

Switch> enable


The prompt will alter from Switch> to Switch# which indicates privileged EXEC method. Enter construction mode by using the configuration airport terminal command Switch# configure port

Enter configuration commands, 1 per series. End with CNTL/Z. Switch(config)#

The fast will change to reflect global configuration setting. Now we are able to use the hostname command to alter the swap name to S1. Switch(config)# hostname S1


These process may be shown in Fig-5 below:


installment payments on your Select the right and secure password to get the gaming console and tty lines. (Do not use cisco or class) Utilize the enable key command to prevent unauthorized use of the swap. After permit secret control (the username and password will set to be internetRocks), leave the happy EXEC mode and re-enter privileged function to test be it configured effectively. And then arranged the pass word for the console and virtual tty (vty) lines are both going be internetRocks. The process will probably be listed below, as well as the screenshot is shown as Fig-6: S1(config)#enable secret internetRocks



%SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from system by system


S1> enable


S1#configure terminal

Get into configuration orders, one every line. End with CNTL/Z. S1(config)#line system 0

S1(config-line)#password internetRocks




S1(config)#line vty 0 12-15

S1(config-line)#password internetRocks






a few. Encrypt hurricane warning text passwords

Use the service password-encryption command word to prevent passwords from coming out as ordinary text the moment viewing the configuration, in that case use display running-config order to confirm whether the ordinary text accounts have all been encrypted. The process is listed under, and the screenshot is demonstrated as Fig-7 and Fig-8. S1(config)#service password-encryption



%SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console

S1#show running-config



4. Include the word alert in the MOTD.

Utilize the banner motd command showing a...