Fall 2015 essays

Ensuring The Students Gain the Contextualization Point for the DBQ

Principal Source Examination: Virginian Amusement Primary Resource Analysis 1) What associations of electricity are featured in Virginian Luxuries (Document 1)? How are unequal power relationships reflected in Toqueville’s differences between the 3 races (Document 2)? What future truly does Toqueville anticipate for these groups of people and why? Dependant on your very own knowledge, just […]

Essay about Blue Marine Strategy

Blue Analysis: Blue Water Strategy THE BLUE MARINE STRATEGY The term blue sea was termed by two teachers W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne in their book titled Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Produce Uncontested Industry Space plus the Make Competition Irrelevant (2005). The creators present the concept of a business being able to operate […]