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 Take the F simply by Ian Frazier Essay

" Take the F” by Ian Frazier

Inside the essay " Take the F" by Ian Frazier this individual writes about the experiences he previously living in Brooklyn. He talks about a lot of topics including city life, diversity, travel and leisure. He shares his moments while he was in Brooklyn. In the essay he talks about the people having been surrounded by, those things he do and locations he gone. He talks his experience of moving into a unique place. According to him, in his time, people used to describe their very own place in line with the subway line near them. He explains a lot regarding the N train, which will he generally rode in and out of Manhattan. He explained the range of people in New York City which will he views everyday for the train. Something that I enjoyed in the composition is the similar experience i and Ian Frazier got.. I can relate with this since I me take the N train and i also see many people heading different locations. Coming in and out of the Farreneheit train and get the similar feeling that Ian Frazier did in his experience. Yet another thing that I liked about the essay may be the clear information of moments he had in the train. He described regarding person, building, streets and many more and they are full of imagery. Also about the wide ethnic mix.  Even things that wasn't incredibly pleasing. He talks about physical violence too. He tells about seeing a female pull a knife. After that goes on to speak about women who discussed slapping an individual silly and putting these people into the hospital.

He likewise mentions how he moved to a four-story building week before all their daughter was developed. Who is now six. This individual also talks about her common sense of pizzas. He mentions the chapel of the generals and ft Hamilton. This individual also liked to walk in the near by botanical garden. He as well keeps track of his building plus the bigger situations in the...