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 The Life of a Child Essay

Chelsie Potts

ECE several

April twelve, 2013

Existence of a Child

I are writing this kind of paper to explain the life of your school old child. I actually took regarding 30 minutes to interview a school aged kid and ask them different queries regarding their very own life and the time by school. The goal of me accomplishing this interview was to get a perspective of how everything is different several aged people. I likewise did this interview to look at the different advancements that take place in a kid's life. Within a child's lifestyle they knowledge and go through so much in just a short sum of years. I am here to describe the life from the little girl I interviewed.

I evaluated a 12 year old girl named Savanna. Savanna is a Native American female delivered in Yuba City, LOS ANGELES. Savanna is within sixth quality and attends a local middle section school in Yuba City, CA. Your woman lives with her big family and speaks English on a regular basis in her home including school. Savanna is fair skinned, provides brown frizzy hair, and hazel eyes. This wounderful woman has many freckles on her encounter and arms that make her unique. The interview took place at her house inside the living space of her home. The interview had taken about thirty minutes and consisted of Savanna, her sister, and I. Savanna do really well during the interview. The sole problems we had were her not knowing how you can answer the question or points to say in her response. Other than that, Savanna answered each question with a good answer and she was not afraid being herself and answer genuinely.

Savanna has superb physical development as I can see. She is about five ft . two ins which is a normal height on her age of more than a decade old. Regarding her fat, she would be considered above average by weighing 121 pounds for 12 years older. She is with the age where she is starting to sprout up as stated on-page 238 of any Child's Universe by Papalia. It states that youngsters go thru the stages where they slim down and then start popping up. Her muscles start to come out and she is beginning become more effective. Savanna uses her development motor expertise every day. Your gross motor skills are your physical skills that involve the best muscles within your body. (Papalia, webpage 241) One way Savanna uses her motor developments through running daily at college and at house and riding her cycle thru the orchard and around the house. To my opinion, Savanna can be described as girl who probably uses her engine development a lot more than her littermates. She is often outside playing sports, driving her motorcycle, and going on runs throughout the orchard subsequent to their property. Savanna is mainly an average fresh girl. Savanna is in the sixth grade. In school, Savanna says your woman plays sports activities during S. E and recess, eats, and reads. She does not have a favorite subject matter at her school. Her favorite part about school is break time since she reaches hang out with her good friends and play sports. Her least favorite part regarding school has to be waking up early and becoming there all day long. She has various friends in her college. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and says her friends happen to be cool. Savanna likes her friends since she has known them for a long period and they are good people. Savanna and her friends are generally into the same thing. Savanna is definitely a active youthful girl which can be good mainly because she is employing her motor development. Savanna isn't as with any other young lady. Most girls hate getting soiled and don't do things that the young boys do. Regarding her, she actually is the opposite. She loves obtaining dirty, digging, and getting together with the boys. As shown on page 320 of A Child's World simply by Papalia, Savanna is the woman that would enjoy like the rough and drop play. The rough and tumble perform is a vigorous play regarding wrestling, reaching, and running after, often combined with laughing and screaming.

When it comes to Intellectual development Piaget's theory is an excellent source to consider. Piaget provides three periods for midsection aged children like Savanna herself. The stage best suited Savanna's age group would be Piaget's third stage. The third level states that at more than a decade old they will...