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 The Great Gatsby Essay

In the majority of literary works, character types are the key and vital components inside the development of the theme. Yet , in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, the main character's has a behavior of being a hypocrite, making it difficult intended for the reader to tell apart any certain theme for the entire work. Due to the method of lien that Fitzgerald uses, the reader has understanding to the inside thoughts and feelings of the main personality. Through the thoughts, actions, and words with the main character/narrator nick, Fitzgerald contradicts much of what this individual has written, causing someone to query any topic that they might have previously developed.

Fitzgerald begins the novel with the words of Nick's father, " ‘Whenever you feel just like criticizing anyone, ' this individual told me, ‘just remember that everybody in this world haven't had the huge benefits that you've got. ” (Fitzgerald 1) With this, Nick goes on to describe how this individual reserves his judgments of others. These statements, however , are consistently proven wrong through the entire entirety in the text while Nick subconsciously reveals his judgments more and the method they choose to live. It is apparent that Nick feels a sense of superiority to others with regards to intellect and decency, fantastic idea of withholding judgment can be undone because the story moves along. Nick's brilliance that he thinks this individual has is usually revealed when he talks about those who attend Gatsby's get-togethers. At a single point, this individual goes on to explain some of the people which he has seen in Gatsby's parties, criticizing how they act and socialize – judgments which usually he claims initially of the publication that he withholds. This individual states that he is one of the few people who Gatsby had truly invited, and compares the behaviour of the other party guests get back of people in an amusement playground. (Fitzgerald 41)

At this moment Nick has made it obvious that he disapproves with the way that the majority of the people he associates with live their particular lives – including...

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