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Interlocking Treadmills of Production and Consumption to Schoolwork and the Pressure to have a Degree and an Advanced Degree

September 18, 2014

School work and the pressure of getting a degree and a sophisticated degree


For this assignment regarding applying ideas I have selected the theory with the interlocking fitness treadmills of development and intake to school function and the pressure to get a degree. In today's economic system I know privately that education is key feature to a individual's success. Having the training, tools and education will be beneficial to someone's accomplishment. One's personal goal that portrays a prosperous individual within an organization has to follow certain guidelines. I actually often signify a person needs to have a great ethically sound foundation which is treating the other person fairly and honestly. It is sometimes that the treadmill of accomplishment and chances comes from the fundamental foundations of Maslow's Hierarchy of requirements. Maslow argues that a lot of needs need to be satisfied before we is going to direct our efforts toward others which these are hence the most basic guidelines. Bell, M. (2009)

Case Synopsis

In cases like this the treadmill of consumption identifies the consumption of making an additional degree or which in turn it is known as the material products. Bell, M (2009) In such a case would be a diploma or degree, educational training then a degree or a professional degree. Individuals think they may become happier just by acquiring more certifications or a better paying profession opportunity. Modern-day expenditures happen to be past everyone's means of living and no you are ever pleased with what they have. Under the home treadmill of intake people become very complacent in their careers or professions and they become stagnant by what they are aiming to achieve. They may become competitive and greedy and enjoying the need to above consume to be able to feel more comfortable. Studies demonstrate that self-preservation is beneficial to longevity to opportunities. It is not necessarily always the truth that obtaining a degree will make a person change at least seek employment elsewhere. It's the self-esteem concern from Maslow's hierarchy of needs that the person not directly needs. People want respect from others, self-confidence to manage others and feel like they achieved an objective. As people accrue a lot more material products (degrees) they often become more happy and content but also would rather enhance the bar for any better existence through their particular consumption. It is usually happiness is not accomplished just because the treadmill has put you in that scenario. One day they are going to realize that all their means had been satisfied and happiness offers still certainly not been attained. Moreover ingestion has increased locally due to the growing industries and population. It of consumption has business lead companies as a solution to a higher normal and consumer demand. The reason is , more buyer goods happen to be being created and businesses are recognizing that better spend comes along with better education. It has helped companies become more profitable by keeping the materials abundant for the needful buyers. Subsequently the surroundings has suffered in several ways because more and more resources are being from the earth to keep up with the consumer output. This is especially true in the strength industry since more energy requires even more natural methods which are not infinite. This theory in the treadmill situation is that all of us strive for the greater education or perhaps degree due to higher requirements and needs of our economy. Personally I've noticed companies today search for individuals who have attained a higher education in order to be deemed for career. Recently in past times people may possibly have not felt the pressure for the necessity to obtain a degree because it was easier locating employment as opposed to in today's powerfulk job market. Once again it...

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