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The Fork in the Road…

Have you ever before thought about what your life can be like if you made only one wrong decision? In The Various other Wes Moore: One Brand, Two Sot, written by Wes Moore, both men, both with the same name, uncover what their life could have been like if they had just made a few different decisions. Their particular names as well as the circumstances they grew up in made them the same, nevertheless the choices both made is exactly what granted all of them separate ridicule.

Both equally Wes Moores did not increase up in the very best circumstances. In the beginning of the book when the guys were talking about their particular lives, the other Wes Moore says, " Your father had not been there because he couldn't end up being, my father had not been there because he chose never to be” (3). Both of these males lost an essential person that could have potentially helped guide these people into better directions. For making up for the possible lack of a dad, both guys had another role unit whom they looked up to. The author Wes Moore's biggest role model was his mother; he says, " The lady was my own everything, anybody I liked and respected the most in my world” (88). Wes's mom took on the function of his mother and in addition his dad, and that is why Wes respected her so much. The other Wes Moore's part model was his buddy, Tony. Wes respected Tony, even though Tony a2z did not established the best case in point for his younger brother. Wes details Tony being a " 'certified gangsta'. Tony had started out dealing drugs in individuals shadowy hallways of the Murphy Hoes prior to he was ten” (Moore 27). Clearly Tony a2z is not the ideal unit for a fresh boy who is in need of some kind of assistance from a father figure. Tony a2z played the role of Wes's daddy and by his gained experience this individual attempted to information Wes the right way using his experience as one example of what not to do. Tony adamowicz tries to support Wes mainly because " Wes knew having been disappointing his brother, which usually hurt more than the beating however just used. Wes was so puzzled. He liked and respected his brother. Tony a2z was the best thing Wes had to a...

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