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 Without Finding the Daybreak Book Statement Essay

п»їClarence Delano B. Juanico


Novel Report in PLE

(Philippine Language in Literature)

Devoid of Seeing the Dawn

I actually. Author's History

Stevan Javellana was born in 1918 in Iloilo. He fought as a guerilla through the Japanese invasion of the Israel. After the World War II, he graduated from the School of the Philippines College of Law in 1948. This individual stayed in the us afterwards nevertheless he died in the Visayas in 1977 at the age of 59.

II. Establishing

Village of Manhayang- Carding was given birth in this town; they had a farm but were used by Don Diego. Iloilo City- Carding visited Iloilo town with his partner to find a job. He performed as a Stevedore and fulfilled Nestong the strongest person before this individual came. He also attained Rosing which he fell in love with. Calinog- Carding and Rosing went there because Representative Sola offered them a field to focus on. Village of Manhayang- That they fought against the Japanese until death in the end with the story

3. Character Analysis

Carding- Having been the protagonist of the tale, he was very secure and this individual married Lucing. Lucing- The most amazing woman inside the barrio. He married Carding. Teniente Paul- The sustituto or the chief of the barrio. He was Lucings father. Manong Marcelo- The wisest person in the barrio. He was the first advocate in Carding's marriage. Rosing or Rosita- She lives with Tia Bebang and she adored Carding. The girl was a prostitute. Nestong – Rosing's spouse, he was Carding's friend nevertheless he told the Japanese about what Rosing had done about the ammunition dump.

IV. Plot Summary

There is a man who had been very taller and solid, his name was Carding. He fell in love with Lucing that he advised his father after a time of farming. They visited Teniente Paul's house with Manong Marcelo as their fist advocate and Inday Picat as another advocate to tell the plan of marriage. Sustituto Paul allowed Lucing to marry Carding because Lucing loved him as much as he loves her. Then...